Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Unseen Singapore #4 Prominent Ibrahim Siblings

While the trio of Ng brothers dominate the military sphere in Singapore, the Ibrahim family has a huge influence within the information industry.

The most prominent of the lot is Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, a highly respected representative of the Malay Muslim community who is currently Singapore's Minister for Communication and Information.

Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim tried to persuade Singaporeans to accept his proposed internet code of conduct but met with lukewarm response. Interestingly, his sister Zuraidah Ibrahim is the Deputy Editor of The Straits Times' Political desk, churning out her objective analysis of the political situation in Singapore. Given Zuraidah's professionalism as a journalist, there is obviously no discussions about work at the Ibrahim's dinner table.

Low and behold, Yaacob and Zuraidah may be successes in their own right but they definitely cannot hold a candle to elder brother Ismail Ibrahim, Singapore's first Malay president scholar! Sad thing is, nobody knows his whereabouts now. If you do, let us and the rest of Singapore know.


  1. And Zuraidah's husband is Cherian George. Now isn't that weird? One takes the money while the other criticizes.

  2. his sister Hamidah Ibrahim is District Judge

  3. You want to know where is Ismail Ibrahim the first President Scholar? He is in Hongkong now with his new wife.

  4. Ismail Ibrahim and his siblings, including Yaacob Ibahim and the rest, mother and father in the 1960s lived in Kampung Kembangan.In late 1960s the family lived in Kampung Ubi, a rental kampung house. Then in 1980s the family lived in Kampung Beduk, a big wooden stilt Malay kampung house. At that time he was already a President Scholar. He had a Chinese girl friend and became the first wife with a daughter. He also had a love affair with a Malay singer Mahani Mohd at that time. His marriage last a short while, when he subsequently married an American with 2 daughters.
    Just a few years ago, he migrated to Hongkong with a Hongkongese wife.

  5. The Ibrahim family was my neighbor living in jalan lapang. Unfortunately their Father used to come home drunk and the neighbor would verbally abused him for soiling the floor. The large family was supported by neknek who sold kuek Kuek afront of the house.

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