Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Unseen Singapore #1 Influential Chan Siblings

Most Singaporeans know about the legendary female Ambassador to the United States Chan Heng Chee who held her own in Washington for 16 years. Chan is also famous for being a fervent critic of the Singapore government before being offered the ambassadorship in 1996.

Little do Singaporeans know that her brother Chan Heng Wing is Singapore's Ambassador to Bangladesh. What's more, Chan Heng Chee's elder brother is in fact Ala
n Chan Heng Loon, the CEO of Singapore Press Holdings! What an influential and prominent trio from the Chan family, the Chan ancestors must be smiling with glee.


  1. Singapore has been a known secret the state is run by families. This usually is a sign of corruption where it is in the first a show of conflict of interest

  2. Sorry man...please double check the eldest to youngest