Monday, 6 January 2014

Singapore's Edward Snowden: Mohamed Jufrie Bin Mahmood Opens Up On His Harrowing Experience

After our latest article where The Unseen Singapore likened Mr Mohamed Jufrie Bin Mahmood to be Singapore's version of Edward Snowden, the article was extremely well received by our online readers and readership has shot through the roof!

It was also a pleasant surprise when our friends at The Real Singapore informed us that Mohamed Jufrie had come out to give further clarity on what transpired. Unfortunately, Mr Jufrie may have misunderstood our intentions. Perhaps he thought we were painting him as an Opposition mole as he took a harsh tone against our writing and argued for his innocence. Jangan sensitive uncle!

On the contrary, Mr Jufrie's past actions showcased his valiant struggle for democracy and firm defiance against the lack of free speech in Singapore, both qualities befitting of whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and himself.

Also, since Mr Jufrie himself said that his previous employment with ISD was well-known within the opposition circles, he should have confidence that his friends would not see him with a different light. Evermore so when he is a seasoned opposition warhorse who after being removed from ISD/CID joined JBJ's Workers' Party and ran for three elections (1984, 1988, 1991) before eventually switching his allegiance to SDP in 1997.

Having clarified our position, it was heartening when Mr Jufrie mentioned that "many friends and party comrades were surprised to learn ... that he had at one time worked in ISD". It truly validated the existence of The Unseen Singapore where we bring out such little known facts into the public spotlight. Despite this little success, we at The Unseen Singapore will continue to unearth such little gems and we look forward to the continuous support from all Singaporeans.

Moving on to Mr Jufrie's revelations, we were genuinely appalled at the treatment he endured and we urge him to sue the Singapore government for this outrage. Mr Jufrie must have his reasons for taking a long 34 years before coming out into the open on these outrageous series of events but justice delayed is justice denied.

If Jufrie argued that he was wrongly jailed for speaking up against the government, coerced to lie under oath in court and was physically abused during his detention, then Jufrie should hire prominent human rights lawyer like M Ravi or Choo Zheng Xi to represent him and fight against his wrongful arrest and punishment.

Given M Ravi and Choo Zheng Xi's track record (SMRT bus drivers & Little India rioters) in taking up cases involving police brutality, they are best positioned to help Mohamed Jufrie in this legal endeavour.

There are however a few issues which may work against Mr Mohamed Jufrie if he were to sue the Singapore Government. Once these issues are comprehensively explained, Mr Mohamed Jufrie will have a rock solid case at undoing the injustice done to him 34 years ago.

In his FB post, Mr Jufrie admitted to phishing for information (detainee whereabouts) from his ISD colleagues after being approached by the relatives of ISD detainees. Depending on how the learned judge interprets or twists this, it could be easily perceived as spying and that could be problematic.

Next, Mr Mohamed Jufrie also mentioned that ISD found translated documents which he was not supposed to have under lock and key at his CID office. We are not certain of the exact terms and conditions of the Official Secrets Act, but having unauthorised documents under one's possession could be an another technicality used by the prosecutor to do him in. Perhaps Mr Jufrie should reveal the nature and ownership (CID or ISD) of these documents and debunk these baseless accusations of unauthorised document ownership against him.

The Unseen Singapore wishes Mr Jufrie good health and a better showing in the coming general elections. Hopefully, Mr Jufrie will finally get the justice that he so deserves!      

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  1. Don't really trust this guy. Jufrie was the only SDP member who questioned Vincent Wijeysingha when he came out in the open just before Pink Dot 2013. As a Muslim, maybe he has negative views about gays but I think he needs to put aside his differences.

    1. Once a fag, always a fag. As a matter of 'fag,' you're a fag!