Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Unseen Singapore #10 SG Movers & Shakers Series: Foreign Talents

The videos of an ANG MOH expat riding his bicycle recklessness on Singapore's already cramped roads caused a firestorm on the internet of late. This motivated us to dig up some of Singapore's past and present FTs who made a lasting and POSITIVE contribution to our society. It is a reminder to all netizens that all is not lost and not all foreigners are as trashy as the one in the tight fitting cycling gear. Some have come here in good faith, contributing to Singapore immensely.

Since Singapore is infatuated with its economic success and its military defence, let us commemorate the two man who made it all happen.

First, there is Albert Winsemius who wrote the economic blueprint for Singapore and once they got started, there was simply no looking back. Now, we are the economic miracle of Asia with ridiculous year on year GDP numbers, all thanks to this man and the men who approved his blueprint.

The other is General Rehavam Ze'evi otherwise known as the MEXICAN who arrived in Singapore shortly after Singapore's call for help to set up a military force was ignored by Egypt and Pakistan. He and his team wrote the Singapore Armed Forces military doctrine and gave us the capability to defend ourselves on our own terms.

The last example is someone whom Singaporeans are probably unfamiliar with. In the recent constitutional challenge against the Death Penalty in Singapore, only with the help of Queens Counsel Edward Fitzgerald was human rights lawyer M Ravi able to successfully get the Singapore courts to give inmates on death row
a second chance. Prior to this, lawyer M Ravi had a dismay record of losses against the Singapore Government. However, with a Queens Counsel on his side, the tables were turned and Singapore is one step closer to becoming a true democracy.

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