Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Unseen Singapore #7 Did You Know Series: Sylvia Lim The Lawyer Strategist

Since GE2011, Singaporeans have seen a number of Members of Parliament publicly quit their jobs in order to focus more on their parliamentary and constituency responsibilities.

Most prominently of whom was victorious MP Sylvia Lim who resigned from her job as a Temasek Polytechnic lecturer due to commitment issues. This was met with resounding praise from normal Singaporeans who saw this as her sacrifice to the nation and her drive to make more inroads politically.

Little do people know that in the months after her public resignation as a lecturer, she got herself a high powered Senior Associate position at the famous Peter Low LLC Law Firm!  Strangely though, neither the mainstream nor alternative media publicized on this fact rigorously. So much for commitment issues eh.

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  1. So? At least this is not a job position that created by tax payer money. There might also be a agreement strike with the law firm. Please dont talk cock.

  2. Sylvia did say it was unfair to TP that they make allowances for her job as a politician. She did say that the time that she might consider doing legal work again. Nowhere did she mention sacrifice. I don't recall any of the WP politicians saying that word. Only PAP politicians bring up the notion, eg Hen , Fu , much the amusement of ordinary Singaporeans. Like the other guy says" don't talk cock".

  3. Hey, anyone knows what happened to

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